Speed, Accuracy and Robustness

1. Kepler_Test1 is the driver computer program to test the CPU timing and accuracy of any Kepler algorithm.

2. Kepler_Test2 is the driver computer program to test the robustness of any Kepler algorithm.

3. Kepler User Guide

The kepler1a and kepler1b algorithms use different initial guesses and the 5th order iterative Laguerre method as suggested by Prussing and Conway of "Orbital Mechanics". The reader can replace the kepler1a or kepler1b algorithm by his/her preferred Kepler algorithm. The kepler2 algorithm, which has been tested extensively without a single failure, insures convergence and robustness with the aid of varying-order iterative Laguerre method, simple initial guess and tested-proven correction formula.

Source code is in Fortran. In addition, six numerical integrators are included.

C version is available upon request.

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