Communication satellites are valued space assets to government, military and commercial service providers. DerAstrodynamics provides timely Space Situation Awareness (SSA) information to satellite operators to prevent surprise collision of the managed satellites with uncontrolled space debris and other satellites.


When collision risks are identified, we provide immediate solutions to the operators to execute avoidance maneuvers and later to return the satellites to their original mission orbits.


Orbit debris is a growing problem in space. More are identified and tracked each day to the thousands that are already in the database. We help the space debris trackers compute the orbits of these free flying debris to the highest accuracy possible using either radar or optical data or a mix of both. We determine debris in all orbits. We can even perform initial orbit determination for all unknown objects with angles-only detection data. We write the book on Applied Analytic Astrodynamics. Click Astrodynamics 101 to 103 on the right.

We provide Demo programs for innovative computations associated with TLE input files.

** NEW ** Click iSGP on the left.

We provide Demo programs for prediction, targeting and angles-only computations.

** iOrbit upon request.


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